The reason we made GRLCHILL was because people always asked us how we established such a rad friendship and we tell them the truth; honesty.

SO our wonderful, beautiful, amazing #GRLGANG - it’s your time to ask us anything about YOUR friendships - wether you want to know how to deal with them in times of tough love, or how to double down on being a great listener, supporter or cheerleader. Maybe that new boy toy of theirs isn’t treating your girl right!

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how do you break up with a friend

It’s no easy task but sometimes it’s gotta be done. 💔Breaking up with a friend can be harder than breaking up with the person you’re dating. It hurts – there’s no doubt about it. Unluckily for us, we’ve been through it and for different reasons.


Ashley: I used to surround myself with people that were considered “bad influences”. They were friends I acquired through darker times and even some I had for years. After hanging out with them, I left feeling negative and unsure of myself. I allowed myself to feel the weight of their friendship every day. It was toxic. I had to come to terms that I deserved better – I deserved to feel uplifted and happy and safe. Once you decide that you’re ready to move on, you need to start distancing yourself in a respectful way. Don’t straight up ghost them either. Just don’t accept as many invites anymore. I prefer being upfront with them and letting them know how I feel. The times where I was truly honest with the person were the hardest, but that allowed us both to grow from this friendship. If you need to end a friendship for the sake of self-care, please don’t hesitate. It’s important to surround yourself with people that impact your life in a positive way because at the end of the day the people who are there are the ones who help shape us into who we’re meant to be.    


Emery: It’s really difficult to realize your friendship isn’t what it used to be - and that’s okay. Some people enter your life at a time you need them, and they teach you things about yourself, and you both have fun for a little while, and maybe that’s all it was ever supposed to be? I had a friend, the socialite friend. We’d go out every weekend and hang out on weeknights. We would talk about crushes and long-lost loves. We thought we had life figured out. It wasn’t until a couple years into our friendship that I realized I was ready for more than what my norm was. I wanted to see the world. I didn’t want to just dream about it anymore. I began taking classes, set goals for my career, and naturally, my social circle began to shift. It became harder to plan to meet up with friends – let alone drink all weekend long. They partied, I studied. We were the same people, but we were also completely different. I guess what I’m trying to say is that people outgrow people. It’s doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you human. It’s okay to change your focus in life and learn to let go. If you’re not ready to let go completely (you don’t have to), you will need to figure out what role you want them to have in your life. Just find what inspires you and make that the priority. The friends that are aligned with your values are the ones that stick around.